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Noel and Serah cosplay by Eyes-0n-Me

i wouldnt do it any better. the detail is amazing, the weaponry was well made, the costumes are great. the colors on the costumes and p...



Hey everyone, it's been forever since I've been online but trust me I've been far from dead. You see, the only computer I had until today was my school laptop which had restricted internet access even on a home connection which was really bad because deviant art was blocked. Now that I have my own laptop I SHOULD be online regularly again. A lot has happened since I was last online, so let me clear things up for you guys:

- I'm still alive
- I've taken a liking to weekly exercise and gotten more into staying in shape.
- I FINALLY have a job! (THANK GOD. Being broke SUCKED)
- I just got my laptop today! its fancii
- I dont really draw manga anymore.
- The only traditional art I do anymore are realistic portraits
- My blender art has improved tremendously due to the help of youtube and other sites, so much so that my work is now at a professional level
- I FINALLY have a phone!
- I've become really fashionable lately
- I've become really good at designing video games lately
- I'm a lot more successful with the ladies
- I'm finally in my senior year!
- I've made a lot of new friends, and unfortunately lost touch with a lot of old ones
- I happen to be one of the most skilled 3D artists (in my age group) in the U.S., and (possibly) the world.
- I dont hate rigging anymore
- I'm currently developing my own style of martial arts
- add me on steam!      dvdhenry0000
- I really enjoy the comfort of music now
- I've conquered most of my internal demons
- I have (almost) no free time now
- I'm the director of my school's game design club
- I went to my first true party a few weeks ago and it was awesome
- I'm currently taking care of a Bonsai Tree, and 3 guppies named Puppy, Lucky, and MiddleMan
- I'm making a personal brand for myself called Alkar 3D (hence the name alkarioma)
- There's a lot more but I dont really have time to write it all

Either way, although a few bad things occurred along the way, life has been good to me lately. Lets hope lady luck always decides to shine her light upon me so brightly.


alkarioma's Profile Picture
David Henry
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
I'm David Henry. I'm a lot of things, so I'm not going to try to sum it up all in one profile. As far as art goes, I used to draw all the time, but Now I really only make my art in 3-D programs like blender. I'm also a video game designer who recently got a lot of his portfolio deleted, so to build it back up, I'm taking on any requests for art FOR FREE for a limited time. I'm also pretty darn good at making models for video games; this I will also do FOR FREE for a limited time. As long as you don't request that I do anything that's really time consuming like making an entire city for a game then I'll probably do it for you. Anyways, Enjoy my art. Fave, Comment, Watch, Llama, all that good stuff.

Favorite Color: Gray

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite thing(s): my friends

Occupation: 3-D Generalist/ Game Developer

OOhhhh im a beast!!!!!!!!! Nevermind....


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alkarioma Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Professional Filmographer
To be honest, I've never really played mass effect. I just want the game really bad. I dont have a ps3 or xbox 360 so I cant get it for now
MAW3D Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, okay. I have played it on the PC, all 3 parts and to be honest, I really love the game, but the story is excellent and also the music soundtrack is one of the best Ive heard so far. While Mass Effect 1 was nice and okay, Mass Effect 2 really kept me playing for hours and at the end I wanted all my team members alive - youll see what I mean, when playing. Mass Effect 3 pushed the limit again with the game. Its great to get to know the story and its really like reading a "live book" or watching a movie. If you can, go for it ... :-)
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